Our Company
We envisage a sustainable society where economic opportunity, social justice and sustainable culture are derived from sound environmental stewardship. A sustainable society where nurturing the health of the planet is the catalyst for social stability, infrastructure development and economic progress.

To play our role in attaining this sustainable society we have focused our company’s resources exclusively to the sustainable development sector. We select only opportunities that allow for and create movement of sustainability from the periphery of corporate social responsibility programmes to the mainstream and those that focus on the five core principles of sustainable development.

The company brings together a unique set of skills across the broad spectrum of sustainable development including spatial planning, environmental policy, conservation, natural resource management, agricultural economics, geographic sciences, social and environmental sciences business strategy, project development,  energy and infrastructure development as well as strong financial skills.

Our Values
We are committed to making sustainable development a core business principle, a way of doing business better and more competitively.
We believe that we have a collective responsibility to act as custodians of the environment and ecosystems around us.
We aim to build successful businesses whose resource requirements are in balance with the capacity of the earth to sustain them.
We are innovative and cutting edge.
We are highly motivated and socially responsible, passionate about our work and the world within which we are active.